Beatrice Villari
Marzia Mortati
Stefano Maffei

Published on:



Maggioli Editore

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Le politiche per il design e il design per le politiche

The book discusses first of design policies, describing them as initiatives that support the development of the design ecosystem and its activities with a special attention on how they have been developing in Italy. In a second stance, it discusses of the more recent topic of design for policy, investigating the adoption of design processes in support of policy making.

The common thread linking the discussion throughout the book is evaluation, discussing the role this could play in policy making to create evidence-informed policies as the basis of more effective governance.

Reflections in the book are discussed through cases studies (mainly from the experience of DeEP project, the seminal research that has involved all authors), while depicting the state of the art in design and policy and preparing the ground for further investigations towards innovative ways of designing and implementing policies.

The book is currently in Italian.

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