Tenny Pinheiro

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The Service Startup: Design Thinking gets Lean

This book is a practical guide that explores how startup entrepreneurs and business leaders can integrate Design Thinking and Service Design into their fast-paced development cycles by running service Design Sprints.
Service Design Sprints is a lean approach to create sustainable, desirable and profitable new services.

In the first part, Tenny explores the reasons why startups and enterprises need to move away from the “make and sell” industrial logic we’ve been exploiting over the last century. To take its place he proposes a new service oriented mindset that carries the idea of “learn, use and remember” user journeys. He also discusses the challenges our industrial society is facing and how the combination of human centered design with a service oriented mentality can be key to help new and existent businesses make this shift.

In the second part, he will take you on a journey through the MVS – Minimum Valuable Service – model. This model can seamlessly integrate Design Thinking into any Agile development cycle, like Lean Startup. It adds the human values needed to foster service innovations within the Lean’s scientific approach. In this part of the book you will learn tools, methods and practices that will help you get your hands dirty with design.

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