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Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing

By:Robert F. Lusch Stephen L. Vargo

Published on: 2004

How to Design a Service

By:G. Lynn Shostack

Published on: 1982

Co-production in mental health care

By:Michael Clark

Published on: 2015

Visualtiles. Communication tools for (service) design

By:Chiara Diana Elena Pacenti Roberta Tassi

Published on: 2009

Multilevel Service Design: From Customer Value Constellation to Service Experience Blueprinting

By:Joao Falcao e Cunha Larry Costantine Lia Patricio Raymond Fisk

Published on: 2011

Whither Services Marketing? In Search of a New Paradigm and Fresh Perspectives

By:Christopher H. Lovelock Evert Gummesson

Published on: 2004

Fostering Innovation in Services

By:Expert Group

Published on: 2007

Service Portraits in Service Research: a critical review

By:Anders Gustafsson Bo Edvardsson Inger Roos

Published on:

Fostering Innovation in Services

By:Jeremy Howells

Published on: 2007

The Challenge of Co-Production

By:David Boyle Michael Harris

Published on: 2009

Service Design, on the Evolution of Design Expertise

By:Leo Westerlund Tuomo Kuosa

Published on: 2012

Public Service Design, a Guide for the Application of Service Design in Public Organizations

By:Alain Denis Annelies Thoelen Helga Willems Koen Peters Kristel Van Ael Steven Cleeren

Published on: 2015

Made in China, Makerspaces and the Search for Mass Innovation

By:Jeremy Kingsley Tom Saunders

Published on: 2016

Engaging Citizens in Social Innovation

By:Anne Davies Julie Simon

Published on: 2013

An Overview of Service Design for the Private and Public Sectors

By:Anna Whicher Gavin Cawood Piotr Swiatek

Published on: 2013

A vision for public services

By:eu commision

Published on: 13/06/2013

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