Azzurra Pini

Member of:

Master Faculty

Editions: 2019/20

Azzurra Pini is Data Designer with Fjord at The Dock, Accenture’s global research and incubation hub in Dublin, formerly post-doctoral research fellow at Politecnico di Milano with DensityDesign Research Lab. She holds a MSc in Communication Design and a PhD in Design at Politecnico di Milano where she has been investigating the role of design as a decision support tool within organisations, particularly focusing on the design of visual interfaces for the exploration and analysis of organisational data and processes. Her expertise lies in the intersection between design research and data visualisation as well as all applications of communication and information design to interdisciplinary research and complex phenomena. At Fjord she works at the crossing between data visualisation, service design and applied research, with a focus on AI and contributed at shaping the more recent Data+Design capability.

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