Eva Knutz

Member of:

Master Faculty

Editions: 2021/23

Eva Knutz is Associate Professor and Co-Founder of the Social Design Unit, at the University of Southern Denmark. In her research, teaching and work, Knutz is interested in methodologies of practice-based design research and cross-disciplinary exchanges between social design, participatory design and health research. In particular she has a keen interest in how people can be involved in participatory design processes leading to social value for the individual and society at large. Knutz is originally trained in art and design – specializing in public space, digital environments, design games and design fiction. Her portfolio reflects interdisciplinary collaboration with researchers and practitioners in particular within Healthcare Services and the Prison and Probation Service – and over the years she has developed number of prototypes and research artefacts (games, probes, kits and tools) aimed at being beneficial for marginalized or vulnerable groups in society. Her work has been published in design journals such as CoDesign, Design Issues, Design Studies, Journal of Design Research and Artifact: Journal of Design Practice.

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