Liat Rogel

Member of:

Master Faculty

Editions: 2017/18 2014/15 2016/17

Liat holds a Phd in design from Politecnico di Milano with the topic of collaborative housing. She is a product and a service designer dealing mostly with social and collaborative design.
In HousingLab, a laboratory for urban innovation in housing, she is facilitating and coaching process of urban housing renewal. She is also responsible for Experimentdays – fair of collaborative housing, in Italy. She is currently teaching social design in NABA (new academy of arts, Milan), Service design in Polidesign Master program and social innovation In IES abroad Milan. She coordinates the didactics in Design Tractor.
Liat is passionate about creative processes and developing new tools for design thinking and innovative strategies. She likes living in the city despite of everything, believing that good relationships between neighbors can make life easier and more fun. When she doesn’t work, Liat is a mother, traveller and food blogger.

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