Ottla Arrigoni

Member of:

Master Faculty

Editions: 2021/23

Ottla Arrigoni is service designer for social impact, with experience in the public and third sector, currently living and working in London. For the past years, Ottla has been working in different design studios, including Humanly, and Futuregov, where she gained experience of collaborating in multidisciplinary environments on a range of topics, such as housing, health, ageing, social care, and family planning. Ottla believes in blended teams and bringing participatory design and system thinking in every project. Her work spans across the UK and internationally, where she has worked with a number of clients including Nesta, Hackney Council, and M&C Saatchi World services. Ottla enjoys working on tangled topics, highlighting opportunities, developing solutions in context, and contributing to change one prototype at a time.

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