Why we still choose Airbnb?

In the past decades, the efficiency played key role throughout the Internet. Such as Facebook, Blog, social network make our communication in a fast way, bring us more convenience service. But not for Airbnb.

If we want to book the hotel, we have a large of choices, like Booking, Seven Days etc. In Contrast to rent a place to stay Airbnb need user to make a reservation for what they desire, and the house owner will answer them into 24 hours, time costing is huge. Why we still choose Airbnb? Because the same emotion between person to person’s connection, and to experience an unpredictable life in front of us, and final goal about sharing among the human beings. That is the point.

The website Airbnb.com has been a growing presence in rental market around the world for several years. For the main reason of user’s using is experiencing different world, making new friends, getting touch with strangers to pave a new way to widen our view about this world rather than just to pick up an accommodation for us.

Airbnb composed by tenant, house owner and their story, those of people treat others property as their own. Because they eating together, sharing the place, they can feel the local culture, and different family with various habits. The house owner could offer the information about food, public transportation, also about their business.It is just making tenant to help themselves at home or to visit their relativs.

There is no doubts, Airbnb has numerous built-in security features, and provides both hosts and guests with significant control and protection, something hosts said they value greatly. Hosts can choose a minimum-night stay, set their own prices, cleaning fees, and security deposits, and stipulate whether guests can bring pets or have access to amenities like kitchens and laundry services. Airbnb also offers reimbursement for damages caused by guests, and guests have access to Airbnb’s quality-control staff, who help settle disputes, issue refunds, and negotiate cancellations.

On the other hand, The Airbnb’s story could be shared by the user to their friends or someone they know. People who listen to the story would be more interest by the story, increasing user’s number without saying. In the process of booking a house on Airbnb, to inspire the sense of belonging and personal emotion from people are amazing value under the economy society , the company knows this very well.

Further info: AirBnB.com