A Battery that runs on sugar!

Continuing with the new energy topics, a couple of days ago I read about a new development in battery issues. Scientifics from Virginia tech, in USA, have develop a Biodegradable battery, made of sugar and that last 2 times more.The battery has a size similar to the AAA battery, can last the double time of a conventional lithium one, and the sugar fuel cell can be recharged just by filling it with more sugar solution
The new device, which is about the size of a AAA battery, has an energy density that is 10 times higher than both lithium-ion and previous iterations of sugar-powered batteries, according to the paper. The new battery could last at least two times longer than lithium-ions for the same weight.
In addition, where regular batteries have to be thrown away when the lithium gets used up, the sugar fuel cell can be recharged by filling it with more sugar solution, but still this “biobattery” has some challenges to get through, one of it is that are extremely sensitive to temperature, if they drop a few degrees, won’t work as efficiently.
This new battery could be used for cellphones and tablets in about 3 years.
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