Antonio Grillo's module on Inclusive Design


Inclusivity is one of the most important and crucial topics nowadays, but what does it mean to design in an inclusive way? Does inclusivity have dedicated methodologies and tools? Does it have a strategic and business value? Today, our students started wondering these and other questions, that will be explored during the ongoing pill on inclusive design by Antonio Grillo from Tangity.

The course is meant to provide soft skills as well as tools and methodologies to design inclusive solutions, by reducing physical-cognitive, cultural, and economic friction during the design process. Students will learn to collaborate in a more inclusive way as well as to apply tools to deliver inclusive solutions. Starting from the meaning of inclusive design and its different applications in many contexts, this course will explore further the role of designers and their responsibilities. The methodologies and tools learned will enable students to empathize with diversity through the entire design process and keep their focus on human-centricity.

The first, more theoretical part of the module is aimed at exploring the meaning of “inclusive design” and the importance of reducing individual biases. The second, more practical part is about team dynamics and the importance of capitalizing the diversity. The last, full practical part will give students the chance to experiment with the Inclusive Design toolkit created by Antonio Grillo.

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