Applied Improvisation for Service Design with Belina Raffy

Global co-creation consultant Belina Raffy is leading a 2-day lecture on how to effectively integrate improvisation skills in the Service Design process. The goal is to learn how to better engage people in creative activities and to have a productive and enjoyable approach to the discipline, able to allow for fresh insights. The course will explore key facilitation approaches, tools, activities, and techniques coming from Applied Improvisation, which are now globally used to support Service Design processes from the research phase through to the co-design of service solutions.
The first day is dedicated to learning and trying. The basics of improvisation are explained and the students are going to experience various activities useful to support co-creation and innovation. Teams will be formed around a design challenge. The second day will be focused instead on doing and reflecting on the previous day. A few new creativity activities will be introduced, along with the Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s flow model in relation to creative session design. At the end the teams will give final presentations and receive feedback.
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