“Bigger than bigger” is not the point

For these days, from my apps WeChat’ moment, most of my friends has changed their phone and updated their new phone on the friend’s group, most of them are tend to busy the iPhone 6. Why?

The biggest of the new IPhone’s changing about their use interface. It become more bigger than what we have seen before, but this kinds of evaluations are similar to Samsung, which one has altered their size before, but why iPhone still more popular? From my personal perspective, the main reasons are as following;

  • Branding
  • Product design
  • The service system of iPhone
  • The User’s manner

First of all, once you heard about the iPhone, there are some common emotion come up with our mind, most of us agrees that the Apple’s products are the first of level in the technic field. The motivation makes us to prior the Apple, then others. So it is something about the brand.
As we see, the product is cool enough when you are holding on your hand, comfortable, delicate, beautiful, all of these factors are not easy to refused. Therefore, the appearance catches the customer’s eyeball.
Furthermore, all of Apple’s products are using the same work standard. Whatever for your iPad, iPhone or Imac, the operation of the merchandise’s system are totally the same. As a result, the user can get used it, by the way , under the apple’s service, there also have the powerful function-Iclouds, to store and deal with the information convenience. At the same time, App Store provides us with colorful of applications.
That why I think the iPhone still popular. From this case, for a big company, their branding spread in a widen span. So, the problem is about the quality about their product, how make the service simple for them, use the product simple, and simple use.