Chileans create a drink that prevents hangover

The name of this “magical” beverage is GRACE HANGOVER PREVENTION, Grace is a refreshing drink that delivers vitamins and minerals needed to prevent the discomforts caused by alcohol intake.It can be taken before, during and after drinking, “I was in America when I took a drink, it was not energy but a Hangover Prevention. We asked if we could bring the same to Chile, but under Chilean regulations this would be a remedy, so we went further and decided to create a new beverage, adapted to the Chilean market, “says Philippe Duclos, one of the two creators of this beverage partners .
Vitamins are the necessary sources to prevent the discomforts of a hangover, including vitamin B, vitamin C, and also extract of artichoke. “We put together these elements and add them to a drink, with a good taste, sweetness and light gas,” he added. Grace, is also an antioxidant, it contains no caffeine, taurine or calories which are present in energy. “It is perfect to accompany it, for flavor and light gas, in addition, to the extent that you take preventing”.
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