Co-production and Co-creation for Mental Healthcare

Here is the last Pill for the student of Specializing Master in Service Design at – Politecnico di Milano. Service Design for Co-production and Co-creation. The case of Mental Healthcare is a three day course held by Daniela Sangiorgi and Marta Carrera that will investigate which is the meaning of co-design, co-creation and co-production in relation to the specific field of mental healthcare.

This is another great challenge for the students. They will firstly explore topics, cases and practices related to the specific case of mental healthcare, to finally experiment an overall approach, with specific tools and strategies, to propose a transformation within the system. The first step will consist on an overview of the Italian healthcare system through a research project on case studies. They will then understand which is the role of service design in the co-creation of initiatives and they will have the chance visit Olinda, a great example of co-production addressing mental healthcare issues. The last day with a co-design session they will imagine the potential role an Innovation Lab could play in this evolution.


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