How do service designers come up with a great idea? How can they generate a great concept for a service? That's the main point of the first Pill by Elisabeth Graf and Andrea Fischer.

Service Design Pills are targeted seminars that delve deeper into approaches and tools through the experimentation on a topic. This first one aims to explore the concept generation phase through a mixed learning process of theoretical lessons and hands-on exercises. Elisabeth, a former student of the Master, and Andrea are both lead service designers at Idean UK and are specialized in advanced ideation techniques. During the three-day module, they'll share with our students their knowledge, expertise, and tips as results of many years of a structured process of concept generation. That's the starting point: the generation of an idea(s) is not an unstructured stream of consciousness, but a design phase that requires methodology and structure. A clear example to better understand this notion is the ideation workshop: a structured or semi-structured activity, which often involves the client, that aims to generate feasible, desirable, and viable solutions through different and well-organized phases.

At the end of the module, our students will be able not just to ideate a great concept, but also to 'Ideate the ideation process' that fits best to the specific design question they'll face in the future.