Concept Generation Workshop with Banca IFIS

Starting from today, students will work in collaboration with Banca IFIS  in a Workshop held by Francesca Foglieni and Enrico Tedoldi. Banca IFIS is a company dealing in specialty financing in the fields of commercial credit and acquisition/management and disposal of non-performing loan. They have become the benchmark in Italy in providing financial support to micro, small and medium-sized Italian companies, focusing their work and all their business lines on: control of risk-corrected profitability, of liquidity and of absorbed capital.

The project brief is proposed by Banca IFIS, that is now exploring cutting-edge topics to be faced by Service Designers. The concepts finally developed by students will be subjected to further developments in collaboration with other Italian universities. This special and big project will culminate into an exhibition of the most interesting ideas.

Based on the results of some focus groups and other data provided by the client, students will be asked to conduct desk research on trends and reports useful to deepen and frame the project context, and field research activities to gather insights from users. The final concepts will consist of the description of problem setting, service statement, target audience, service offering and network of stakeholders involved, and the customer journey at the ground of the service experience.

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