Today started the second workshop of this edition, in collaboration with our partner Sketchin. Held by Silvio Cioni, Enrico Tedoldi, and Federica Papa, the workshop is called "eMaaS: Design innovative eMobility services for the MaaS of tomorrow".

e-Mobility-as-a-Service (eMaaS), which focuses on sustainable mobility services using electric vehicles, e-bikes, and other eco-friendly modes of mobility, is an important part of the MaaS vision (Mobility as a Service), able to support people traveling in and out of the city, within the city and long-distance between different, even foreign, cities. Through the use of different means of transport, the support of increasingly widespread and accessible infrastructures, and the data analysis on usage and consumption, E-Mobility service solutions are becoming the new point of attraction and interest for various business actors and players.

During the workshop, students will work in a design studio-like environment on the challenge of imaging an E-Mobility service concept that can be the spin-off of one of the main existing or emerging players that characterize the ecosystem of eMaaS. In particular, the concepts should focus on responding in an effective and innovative way to specific groups of users characterized by evolving needs and emerging behaviors, leveraging on the main assets of the player they will choose and rethink them creatively, in order to offer disruptive solutions capable of responding to the urban mobility needs of tomorrow, with a positive impact.