Designing AI with Gianluca Mauro


Today’s lecture by Gianluca Mauro, founder and CEO of the AI Academy, deals with the core principles of Artificial Intelligence, and how to include it in the service design process.

Through a mixed approach of theoretical pills and practical examples, Gianluca introduced the students to the concept of modern AI, starting with a historical overview till showing how some of the best AI companies in the world include AI in their products nowadays. Examples included the worldwide known TikTok, Netflix, and Tinder. He also discussed how an AI algorithm is built and which are the main components of an AI product: in other words, the building blocks of the AI design. During the class, Gianluca showed also an AI predictive model applied to the infamous Titanic crush. Can we predict who will survive a similar disaster through machine learning? Then, he let students explore by themselves an online machine learning tool.

By discussing some case studies, it emerged the ethical implications of designing an AI product, opening up the topic of AI ethics. It is important also for designers to be able to account for AI while designing products or services, knowing the basics of AI ethics and the current challenges of the sector.

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