Designing interactions with Patrizia Marti

During the first Workshop, focused on User Research, students investigated and understood people behaviors. Today, with Patrizia Marti, they will start designing behaviors and interaction instead. This will be the outcome of the next Pill, Interaction Design.

The course will give the students an overview of the fundamentals of Interaction Design from a human-centred perspective. That means taking a closer look at how people interact with digital artifacts, examining those interactions, and the principles that make them effective, usable and engaging.

Principles and methods of Interaction Design will be exemplified in the context of hotellerie digital services. Students will analyze different planes of the user experience, from the strategy plane focused on product objectives and user needs, through interaction design and information architecture, interface design, navigation design and information design. The course will provide the students with the relevant knowledge on interaction design principles and approaches, and a toolkit of methods to conceptualize, design and evaluate interactivity of digital services.