Doctors' visits with less pain

A San Francisco based company called One Medical Group, is using technology to redesign primary care. Patients can schedule an appointment for the same afternoon in one of its 30 healthcare centers across the US, receive consultations and get refill prescriptions through a mobile app. The company charges its users a fee of US 199 annually for its more human-centred service which, ultimately, has changed the relationship between doctors and patients.

In an old-fashioned way, the patient would have to wait almost a week to get an appointment, then fill an enormous amount of forms, wait in the reception until the doctor calls him just to do a quick exam on him and suggest a follow-up appointment, for which he will repeat the same process.

oldway doctor

In the new business model, the patient, just using the app, can schedule an appointment for the same afternoon. Then enters all his personal information through the company’s website and, when the time arrives, meet the doctor in his office, where he’ll proceed with an in-depth exam. Then the follow-up is much easier since the patient can request a video chat directly with the doctor.

newway doctor

For more info, visit One Medical Group.