Emerging technologies with Lorenzo Ruggieri

Here we are with the last lecture of this edition, held by Lorenzo Ruggieri, Expert Associate Partner, Innovation at Bain & Company, ADAPT. The topic is new and emerging technologies and their potential impact on new products and services. In particular, the course explores some of the most widespread technologies for the realization of IoT and Physical Computing projects, as useful and complementary elements to the design of services. The aim is to enable students to acquire knowledge and experience the approach and tools applied to the design and prototyping of intelligent objects and interfaces. With a huge experience and great storytelling, Lorenzo gives to the students an overview of the most promising emerging technologies. As he explains, innovation lies at the intersection of four factors, and it needs to fully satisfy all of them: business, people, technology, and environment. Within this framework, service designers have to design multichannel experiences, ranging from digital to physical touchpoints, to create a meaningful connection between the brand (service provider) and the audience (service users).

The lecture includes the alternation of theoretical explanations and practical cases, to have a broad overview of the most widespread and reliable technologies. It also includes the presentation of some use cases, an overview of emerging technologies, and the presentation of trends and cases that can serve as inspiration for future projects. The participants are going to learn why IoT and Physical Computing are so important, which are the most common technology for IoT and Physical Computing, and which are the most relevant technologies today and in the near future.

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