Envisioning a future service offering for Virgin Active

For the next three weeks the students of the Master in Service Design will work with another great partner of ours: Virgin Active. The workshop will be held by Chiara Diana and Stefano Cardini and it has the aim of exploit the untapped potential of personal training.

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The students will work on the development of a new service offering for Virgin Active, focusing on the figure of personal trainers, within and outside the gym, when enabled by digital means. The new service will enable Virgin Active to address the need of a wider range of clients, and increase engagement, revenue and retention of existing ones by offering them a richer and more flexible set of services.

The activities will be managed into three weeks. In the first week students will work in Virgin Active to do field and desk research, in order to explore the characteristics of the firm and the users’s needs and attitudes. The next step will focus on concept generation using a high-level customer journeys and the design of service maps. During the last week each team will consolidate the service solutions, outlining the service ecosystem and the key touchpoint experience. The last day they will have the chance to present their work to their client.