FAI - Villa Necchi Campiglio is our new partner

We are glad to announce that FAI – Villa Necchi Campiglio will be a partner of the IX Edition of the Master.
This special collaboration will allow Master’s students to explore the potential of service design when applied to the no-profit, third sector in Italy. By partnering for the user research workshop, FAI – Villa Necchi Campiglio will challenge our students at redefining and redesigning the visitors’ experience at the Villa, one of the FAI’s facilities in Milan, with a focus on the touchpoints available in the reception area.
FAI – Villa Necchi Campiglio is one of the FAI – Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano (the National Trust for Italy) open to public properties. Born in 1975, FAI is a non-profit foundation that operates thanks to the support of individuals, companies, and institutions for the safeguarding of Italy’s natural and artistic heritage. Thanks to everyone’s contribution, their Mission is to take care of special places in Italy for the benefit of present and future generations; to promote education, appreciation, awareness, and enjoyment of Italy’s environmental, natural, historical, and artistic heritage; and to monitor the protection of Italy’s natural and cultural assets, as per Article 9 of the Italian Constitution. Villas, castles, abbeys, towers. As well as shrines, barbershops, but also stretches of coastline and forests. Today there are 68 FAI properties. Of these, 51 are open to the public, and 17 are under restoration.
We’re excited about this project and we can’t wait to be part of the whole process. We’d like to thank the FAI-Villa Necchi Campiglio again for this precious opportunity to give our contribution to promoting Italian culture.