Graduation day! Second session of the 7th edition

Yesterday, after the first session of December, 2020, we had the second and last graduation day of the VII Edition of the Master. Twelve out of twenty-three students graduated and became Service Designers. This is the official end of the VII Edition of the Specializing Master in Service Design by – Politecnico di Milano.

It has been a very intense year and our students reacted in a professional and resilient way. We’re very grateful to them for their passion and effort. Thanks to all the lessons, pills, workshops, internships, and extracurricular activities, they now have the theoretical and practical background to move forward in the Service Design world.

Today, and ever more tomorrow, we need great designers to face the world’s complexity, to ideate solutions, and improve existing services and experiences. We’re very proud of our former students, now service designers ready to enter a new, professional journey. We wish them the best possible future and professional career. Thank you and see you soon!

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