“Hazte Visible” (make you visible) the turn signal belt for cyclists

I’ve always enjoyed riding my bike in a recreationally way, but since a couple of years ago, as for many others, the bicycle has become my main mean of transportation, especially now, that I’m living and studying in Europe, with a tight budget, and without fluid public transportation.

For this reason I start increasing my interest in new initiatives for improve the safety and comfort for the cyclist transit, especially cause sometimes the streets aren’t friendly to those, like me, mobilized commonly in this way.
That’s why when I saw in a Chilean Newspaper (I’m from Chile) a note about “Hazte Visible”, a belt for bikers, I got really interested and decided to write about it.
“Hazte Visible” it’s a traffic sign system for cyclists which allows to signalize the turns and stops, without taking of any hand from the wheel, and preventing the common night visualization problems.
This invent consists in a belt with a wireless sign system that the biker wears in their waist and activates trough a small remote control on the bike wheel.
“ It’s easy to install and dismount, uses only 3 batteries, that last over 2 months, and if you run out of battery, the belt material is reflecting, so people can still see you” Says Juan Pablo Garcia-Huidobro, his inventor.
The belt is called “Hazte Visible” (make you visible) cause gives visibility to cyclists. The wireless arrow shapes lights, are built with 24 LED lights that emits a sound before every signalization. The LED lights goes inside of a neoprene rainproof bag that it’s also reflecting on the cyclist waist.
“Hazte Visible” Is available on their website www.haztevisible.com (spanish only)
For more info visit the website above or go to http://vimeo.com/80582428