How to sell healthcare services in an era of big data and crowdsourcing

In the last UX Conference 2013 in Lugano, Ferdinando Scala – Razor Fish Health Ware started your content with the phrase: “Knowledge is power!” To talk about Crowdsourcing and Big Data. With this phrase I decided to write a bit about the issues.For many years, the traditional model of having a medical consultation is to go to a place of care, talk with the professional and getting some diagnosis about your health. Currently this scenario is changing. There are online platforms like Patients Like Me, Crowd Med and Up To Date has commented on “CrowdHealth – Sharing Health” that encourage the exchange of knowledge to solve health problems. With these changes the patient has been transformed into ePatient – is a health consumer who participates fully in his / her medical car. With the new profile ePacient have problems like asymmetry in information between physicians and pacientes has always been the foundation of the unbalanced relationship between them. New benefits are created for health using technology, features such as mobile connectivity, battery life, and others. (eg: Medical Tricorder and GE Vscan). These tools allow better monitoring of the end user to be collected. The article is an introduction to know the differences to provide services in healthcare and think about new service possibilities to this area. What can you do to help as a service designer?