Lara Penin on service design basics


Ready for the first module of this edition, held by Lara Penin and aimed at introducing the theory and key concepts at the ground of service design, methods, process, and critical views. This three-day module will explore the definition, categories, and characteristics of services in the current socio-economic landscape, facing an introduction to the service design approach, processes, and tools. Students will understand the key elements of service design, the service designer professional figure, and key players in this field of practice as well as the importance of the user-centered approach and the design of service experiences, including recent critics of these approaches.

To achieve these results, Lara will lead them through three main phases: understanding services (what & why), designing services (what & how), and methodological paradigms and processes (who & why). At the end of this first module, our students will handle basic competencies in service design main concepts and frameworks and familiarity with the socio-politico-economic context of services and processes.

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