Learning concept generation with Elisabeth Graf

On Monday, we started the second pill on one of the most important parts of the service design process: the concept generation. The module is held by Elisabeth Graf, master alumna and service designer expert in climate adaptation. In this three-day module, students explored how to come up with different ideas for a given challenge, and how to refine them into a concept that illustrates the future solution. They explored various idea generation techniques, with a showcase of examples of application and tips and methods to run an ideation session. Moreover, Elisabeth shared how to assess the ideas and select the right ones to transform into a #concept that can be used for further exploration.

Thanks to the brief – How might we help people better prepare for extreme weather events?! – students could explore the concept generation facing the very contemporary topic of climate adaptation, or how to face “Extreme weather events and the consequences of climate change” from a service design perspective.

In the end, students will present their concepts in a presentation covering the most important aspects of their service ideas and possible solutions for the given challenge, developing their knowledge and critical thinking around how to generate and evaluate an idea.