Let's talk about CV and portfolio design with Francesco Leoni

Today we started the module about the curriculum and portfolio design with Francesco Leoni.

In the previous lectures we’ve seen the complexity of today’s world and the importance of the services as core structures of contemporary society; hence the need for service designers capable of dealing with complex systems. But to enter the workforce, or to do a transition from one field to the service design one, a service designer needs to have a powerful portfolio: a crucial tool to match the demand with the offer. The CV and the portfolio are specifically designed to narrate the experiences and the attitude of an aspirant service designer.

The course focuses on portfolio-building as a communication design project. The class will address the textual, visual, and interactional aspects of making portfolios, asking: how can we convey the desired message? First of all, the portfolio has to be a selection of a few, clearly and briefly described projects. It also should be integrated with web tools and platforms to facilitate online availability. Because of the individuality of the portfolios, the course is structured mostly as a workshop, merging theoretical contributions with one to one reviews with Francesco focusing on single needs and specificities. Our students will improve their communication and visual design skills through a hands-on activity, and will also acquire a deeper understanding of how to properly visually communicate their portfolio’s desired message and critically question their presentation strategy.

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