Stefano Cardini

Member of:

Master Faculty

Editions: 2018/19

Architect, designer and teacher. He has a twenty years’ experience as a designer and consultant, working with major international organizations as well as with SMEs and private customers. His main focus is on creating value through design tools and storytelling, with no thematic or methodological constraints and paying the same continuous attention to the strategic and tactical aspects, the long-term vision and the execution of each project.
As an educator, he both designed and delivered courses and workshops about design applied to different fields, from interiors to communication, from interaction to services. For three years he managed a Masters Course, and for two years he’s been the Chief Academic Officer of the biggest private design school in Italy. As a trainer/consultant he’s designed and implemented tools and communication techinques to help companies interpret present and future scenarios.
He also creates illustrations and drawings, as they are essential tools to visualize a project support and enrich each phase of a design process, from the initial idea to the concrete object. He designs with the same passion physical objects and conceptual systems.

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