Mi Ciudad Ideal: co-designing Bogota

What if you could decide which transportation system your city is going to implement, or how to reduce contamination? Mi Ciudad Ideal (My ideal City) is a project that aims at finding insights from the citizens  through questions like these to construct and propose a new development plan for a neighborhood in Bogota.

The project was born from the apathy that has characterized the planning processes in Colombia, where in the last democratic elections 50% of Colombians eligible to vote abstained, trying to create a conversation that involves the citizens through social networks and crowdsourcing in order to make them participate in a massive scale and work together to create solutions for everyday problems in their communities.
The main channel for this project is a crowdsourcing platform where citizens can find each week a new question around five topics, maximized spaces, sensible city, citizen sourced, urban canvas, and green scaping, then the users can leave answers to the questions or vote for other users’ answers. To make the ideation process easier, each question is paired with a definition of the topic, inspiring examples and an interview with an expert on the most important trends for that topic.
At the end of the six months allotted to finding insights trough crowdsourcing all the ideas and insight will be gathered and analyzed by Winka Dubbledam, lead architect of the project, and Gary Hack, urban planner, and turn into a proposal for the redevelop of a neighborhood in Bogota.
For more information: www.miciudadideal.com