New neighbourhood services with NovaCoop

The next two months are going to be the most challenging and intense of the whole Master course.
Today the students will meet NovaCoop, a social coop that manages supermarkets in Piedmont.
As a social coop, its aim is not just to sell products, but also to bring social values into their supermarkets and the neighbourhood they are placed in.
The students will be guided by Liat Rogel and Chiara Gambarana, experts in urban innovation and housing.
The aim of the course is to generate new service concepts able to improve relationship between NovaCoop supermarkets and the community living near them.
First of all the students will organize and design an ethnographic research on the field. They will explore on field some of their supermarkets.
Next phase will be the concept generation: from datas and information gathered in the research phase, students will design new service ideas.
In the end, they will have to visualize and present their concept to the client.