Nova Coop

We are really glad to announce another important partnership.

Nova Coop will support the 5th edition of the Master in Service Design.

Coop’s history dates back to 1854 when the first Cooperative store was opened in Turin to answer the growing and joint needs of workers and to “buy wholesale basic commodities such as rice, flour, pasta, soap, etc. and to resell them to members at price cost”.

In more than 150 years, consumer cooperation has grown up to become leader in supermarket and hypermarket industry in Italy.

Nova Coop is the major consumer cooperative operating in Piedmont, with an annual turnover of 1 billion. Nova Coop has a network of 17 hypermarkets and 45 supermarkets, employs 4800 people and has 600.000 members. Profits are not shared between members, but reinvested in cooperative development and achievement of the social objectives.

Coop mission is:

–              To offer members quality products at fair prices

–              To protect people’s safety, health and interests

–              To contribute to the development of cooperation

–              To promote consumers awareness

–              To protect the environment