Implementation of the Pedibus service in Milan.

Recently, we were working for the public service regarding normally parents and their children the way they go back and forth to school—Piedibus. What is the Piedibus? It is an spontaneous organization being supported by parents for their children to walk to school. One of their parents as “driver” as leader leads the way in front of children, also to be the escort on the back path. Peidibus establishes the limitation time and be selected routes. Absolutely, the path has identified by the police and the contraction between the school and legal guardian. On the way to school, the children talk with their friends, learn some basic knowledge about the safety, meanwhile, the dependent capacity could be enhance.
First of all, we set up our group then design which part of the Piedibus we will start to explore. Mapping up the users journey and goals step by step, seeking different types of channels and touchpoints, building the service system architecture. Before the conclusion we highlight the point that if one children is helpless, the union of many student gives strength and visibility, children forwarding by themselves gain the sense of independent, the socialization of joining group. Behind of this campaign, Peidibus also has the influence on the society. Because waling to school could decrease the emission and keep the kids fit.
After the presentation, the feedback from the professors, I found a point that we were missing some connection bright before our storytelling. From my personal point of view is that we thought they already know some details in our project, so the final presentation seems so fine shot but not simple, because we have our highlight functional stories. Thus, from this case, I found the key of doing research it is not easy to balance which part is more important information, which is less important context? Because we have unpredictable audience, who could dominate the listener’s desires and needs, How to make a decision to choose the most important elements of our object? Also during our team work, the teacher’s words inspires me, she figure out that what if the different generation gap between the kids group, how does Piedibus work? On the opposite side, why other kids or parents do not want to participate our group? Therefore, a good idea is contributed to consider completely both sides, agree or disappoint. Throughout this workshop, I think I will consider the question more elaborate careful.