Pimp my Carroça

I’ve recently seen a Ted talk by Mundano, a Brazilian street artist and activist whose projects has a particular attention to social, environmental and political issues. The talk was about one of his project: Pimp my Carroça. The aim of the project is to take out of invisibility the “catadores”.

In big cities in Latin America they collect garbage, with a little cart, that they later recycle in exchange for a reimbursement.
This marginal activity results from social inequality and it’s not usually well seen, but the catadores have actually a fundamental and necessary role. In cities like San Paulo, where the recycling system is not efficient, they collect the 90% of the material, making what they do an activity of great environmental and social importance.
After coming into contact with catadores, Mundano decided to use his art to help them by painting their cart. He believes that adding art and humour to the cause will make the importance of the the work of this garbage pickers more visible. He soon realized that the catadores start improving their self esteem and feeling more considered and valued by people on the street and also social media.
Started in Brazil, Mundane decided to create a more wide movement because he discovered than catadores are not just in Brazil but also in many countries of South America and the world. To give more visibility to the cause Pimp my Carroça became a collective movement thanks to a big crowd fund event to help catadores.
During the event, the catadores can have access to a medical and ophthalmologic check-up, along with getting massages, haircuts, meals and psychological therapy. They were also equipped with safety clothes, like shirt and gloves.
The biggest activity of the event was the renovation of the cart, also provided with safety equipment, and later painted by different street artist.
Thanks to this movement the catadores will be able to leave invisibility behind and gain respect and value for the work they are doing for all the citizen. Pimp my Carroça is an example of how we can fight prejudice and help to lower social inequality.
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