After six months of didactic activities involving lectures, pills, masterclasses, and workshops, we reached the end of the academic year with the final presentations of the workshop led by Chiara Monteleone with Federico Giaimo and Lesley Ann Culla, in partnership with OpenZone by Zambon. As described in the previous article, the three briefs are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, involving Virtuous food lifecycle, Green mobility, and Zoners booster. To present to the client their concepts, teams explored different scenarios to provide information, services, strengthen the relationship and trust between the campus, the businesses, and the whole community with special attention to the economic, environmental and social impact of the solutions. The workshop has been structured according to 3 macro-phases of work: context & user research, concept development & modeling, and service presentation.

Regarding the results, one team worked on the food topic, two teams on the "zoners booster" one, and the other two teams on the mobility topic.

Team "Syrup", presented Opensphere, a service that creates a brand new atmosphere on the Campus by collaborating with zero-km food producers/restaurants to open their kiosks to help Zoners to have easier access to fresh, healthy, good quality food.

Team "Panda", presented Growzone, a service that helps zoners, who need to improve their social wellbeing and occupational synergies, by providing tailored coaching sessions for personal and professional growth, in settings that can boost collaboration and connections within the OZ community.

Team "Zoners just wanna have fun", presented Fiorire, a service that positions life science businesses to be thriving industry leaders by providing tailored grant development and communications expertise.

Team "Edo & the bananas", presented Openmove, an integrated bike-share service that provides an easy-to-access bike system for an eco-friendly last-mile commute from the nearest metro stations.

Team "Wonder women", presented Safezone, a service that allows zoners to commute safely and flexibly by connecting with the OpenZone community.

Proud of the results and the very positive client feedback, we want to thanks the teachers for their meaningful and committed mentorship, the client for their constant support, and of course our students for the effort they put along this great journey. We wish them a beautiful and grateful internship experience. See you all at the final exam, a presto!