REOOSE. Trading unused items without money. is a special service website. We all have at home something we don’t use anymore or something unused brand new. Leaving it there means reducing its value. That’s why has decided to give value to your item. How? Well, giving it a number of credits, the virtual currency between reoosers.
The value is given automatically, based on the nature of the item, its sustainability, its status (used or brand new).

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Step 1. Get registered and post your item.
Step 2. Sell your item and earn credits to buy on
Selling your item and after receiving a request form a buyer, you have 5 days to accept or deny the transaction.
Step 3. Look for an item and buy it with the credits earned.
Step 4. Sellers and buyers can arrange the best solution for the trade.
Reoose suggests to trade items in the same city to reduce delivery costs and having a “km 0” service.
If you have credits, but nothing to buy, you can donate your credits to some NGO’s.
“Italians waste 1,6 millions of euro in unused purchases”.
Reoose is the first eco-store of re-use, where money is not need.
Reoose is also a virtual space for meetings and socializing. It’s based on the 3R philosophy: Riduzione dei rifiuti, Risparmio and Riciclo (reduction of wastes, save and recycle). It’s a free service, has a strong environmental attention and it allows to donate to NGO’s in a smart way.
Reoose is born to create a new way of sustainable consumption , trying to connect the trading experience, the social networking, the sharing economy to the new models of an online store.
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