Results of the Workshop with Sketchin


Last Friday, there have been the final presentations of the workshop with Sketchin, led by Enrico Tedoldi and Federica Papa, and focused on sustainable mobility services (eMaaS). The students hardly worked for a week, managing the research part and the concept generation one, until the presentation of five service concepts, one per team. Here are briefly summarized the outputs:

Mobility Pal is a digital eMaaS integrator giving users access to all available mobility providers with only one account.
NoctU is a service that allows people who like partying at night to find on the same platform both the ticket for the event and a means of transport to get them back home.
Enabled is an adaptive and sustainable transport service that caters to users’ needs, for example, if they have lots of luggage, a mobility assistive device, or a stroller.
GoGreen is a platform that collects every e-car sharing service available in the Lombardia area to help people who want to travel outside cities to find the perfect solution for their trip.
Finally, SafeNow is an extension of the YourNow family, a service that calculates the safest route for a specific destination based on the selected mode of transportation.

We’d like to thank again our partner Sketchin for this great experience and all our students for their efforts and passion in facing the second workshop of this edition.

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