Rewriting scripts for new Retail Experiences

Kingshuk Das is an experienced innovation program leader who wrote an article on the “7 Steps For Creating Disruptive New Retail Experiences” for Fast Company. (
He reflects on human behaviour from a sociological perspective, saying that people are programmed to follow certain “scripts” or adhere to a set of expectations during retail experiences in the mundane routine of their lives.  The experiences that would stand out would be contrary to their expectations –brands like Starbucks or Apple rewrote the script to create a sense of newness. Naturally the reinvention was human centred to begin with and constantly evolving to continue engaging the Customer in a unique way.
Taking a multidiscipline lens beyond the field of design, Das defines principles inspired from sociology, economics, organizational behaviour, and even theatre to guide company’s to create a script/experience that is right for them and their Customers.
He first breaks the myth that experience design is only for Luxury Brands. Customer centred design can be central to even the most value based business. Secondly he emphasis the importance of empathy when challenging social scripts. Be your own Customer and experience the Customer journey in the most organic way.  He also validates the importance of looking at the experience holistically. By utilising a theatre approach a designer can immerse into the experience as if he were producing a play and each element formed a unique part of the production.  Also to change an experience, change the way you incentivise and motivate your Staff, so they behave differently with Customers. Give your Brand a distinct identity by having a unique point of view and being very clear on what aspects of the experience you will include, as well as leave out. And most importantly never stop redesigning, prototyping and testing changes to constantly make the experience better.
Today designing experience that are constantly evolving is a multi function discipline in itself – and to stay relevant most organizations will have to include or enhance the role of the Service Designer to stay ahead of the game.
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