Service brand with Silvia Barbieri

A service designer aims to create great and impactful services. However, to generate an impact on the market, it has to be considered the big difference between a standing alone business idea and an integrated part of a product brand. To be effective, services need to create a consistent universe with the brand.

A brand turns intangible aspects into visible codes, and good brands leverage effective communication to nurture customer loyalty. ‘Branding is not a logo’, but it needs one as part of the branding system. A well-designed logo can communicate a lot about the brand values and DNA, as well as the communication strategy. All the communication artifacts of a brand speak the brand’s language, create a relationship with the users and convey the core values that distinguish, let’s say, Nike from Adidas. For our students, the most important aspect is to learn how branding is applied to services, the difference between product brand and service brand, and the key rules for service branding.

Thanks to the class of Silvia Barbieri, our students learned the key elements of a brand strategy, how the brand strategy drives the brand language, and the power of branding to create something unique. The day has been divided into theoretical lectures, collective discussions, and quick exercises to settle the branding fundamentals in the background of our future service designers.

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