Service Design Portfolio module by Francesco Leoni


Service designers are in high demand across several job sectors. Those who pursue this career path must face interdisciplinary domains and even specialistic contexts for delivering value to their end-users. Regardless of previous knowledge and competence, a good service designer should find insights and solutions in complex problem spaces through critical sense and the capacity to learn and adapt.

That’s why it’s so important to properly design the service design portfolio. This course’s goal is to support students in showing to potential employees, through the portfolio, that they are fit for that highly demanding mission. Francesco Leoni, Ph.D. student at the Department of Design in Polimi, will individually tutor each student in the class to design a résumé and portfolio for applying as a service designer in the curricula internship.

The module, composed of three appointments spread across three months, focuses on portfolio-building as a communication design project. The classes will address the textual, visual, and interactional aspects of making portfolios, asking: what is necessary/unnecessary to convey the desired message? The course will mainly be held in a workshop format, focusing on single needs and specificities through individual and small group reviews.

We also remind you that on Thursday there will be the second Masterclass of this edition, applications are still open!

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