Service Design: setting the stage for the consummate experience

Service Design & Marketing – the same thing or different things? And how can we see the difference?
The both create great user experiences to promote positive associations but Service Design takes it further. Service Designers look at user satisfaction at every point in a given experience and finds ways to enhance it by infusing a brand’s essence across all products, systems, services, and interpersonal interactions.
One could say that the main difference between Marketing and Service Design is the use of the 4 P’s. In Marketing, these stand for: product, price, promotion and place. While in Service Design, we add participants (the people involved in the transactions), processes (the flow of the interaction), and physical evidence (real-life or virtual surroundings and concrete clues).
However, it doesn’t make a difference if we’re talking about marketing, service design, “holistic design,” “multi-channel experience design” or “cross-channel design,” or whatever is the hip word at the time. The important thing is that we make understanding how people interact with each other, with things, and with organisations central to designing services.
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