Six fresh service ideas for Capgemini's luxury clients

Yesterday we spent an inspiring day! The students presented their service scenarios to our partner Capgemini, in the last workshop of the master course.
The workshop was about how to create more engaging retail experiences by combining digital and physical touchpoints in new innovative ways.
The retail business is changing. The increased spread and convenience of online shopping is forcing brands and companies to rethink the role of their physical stores. On the other side the availability of emerging technologies (IoT, AR, VR) can enable new types of interaction and potentially redefine the relationship between customers and brands.

After the first step of field and desk research, the students have designed new concepts and have prototyped their ideas, in order to present innovative and visionary solutions to Capgemini.
At the end of this process the groups produced six service concepts, two for each client, such as:

  • A smart wardrobe that provides the right product at the right moment. An AI able to collect data from the customer preferences, providing style suggestions.
  • A new way to explore furniture stores by extending the experience outside of them. This system supports customers in easily navigating in the store, capturing information, getting inspirations and revisiting it remotely.
  • An engaging phygital experience for Millennials that starts with social media and it continues in a physical eyewear store with a smart assistant that helps customers to better navigate and  take decisions;
  • A futuristic eyewear shopping experience. Using AI and AR the service provides face analysis to assist customers in choosing the perfect pair of glasses to enhance their looks.

We are thankful to Roberta Tassi and Isabelle Pleno, who guided our students in this last workshop.

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