Social innovation with Ezio Manzini

Today the students of the Master in Service Design are going to understand and recognize collaborative services with Ezio Manzini.
The lecture is starting with an overview about social crisis in the cities, due to the gap between the growing demand and the shrinking of the offers. The problem starts when the big institutions of the past can’t manage the complexity of the new society, so they must be opened to change the situation. Service Designers can help to design a better environment, in order to have the perfect conditions where people can collaborate and create a network. The aim of the lecture is to understand what is a “network of care” and how the collaborative encounters can be defined and characterized. Service Design is based on the interactions between users and stakeholders involved in the process and during the lecture Ezio Manzini will help the students to understand that Service Designer can design the environment where the interactions take place.  The lectures will combine theory with practice, with time to have a class discussion about these topics.