TaoBao has changed our lifestyle in China

Nowadays, TaoBao is a platform for normally customers to busy various merchandises. Besides, we know that the goods on their website selling in a right pricing. This company has become a very well known company in the world.

During the appearance of TaoBao, people’s lifestyle has changed, the way customers shopping, the path general physical shop operating, the method ordinary small businessman deal with their clients, a widen impact of spreading by Taobao deeply influences our life. As Taobao do, they can build up a company, that server millions of small business. Today they complete their mission to make easy to do business anywhere. Through their ecosystem, for their clients, it provides plenty of choices with their customers. For the stores, it creates a directly bridge to connect with their clients. Take a further step to say, TaoBao helps the businessman to set up their own business, offering the working opportunities that we ever never seem in our past, such as, we could sell our goods online, we could just use our figure to pick up what we want to busy, the numbers of delivers is increasing without no doubt.
At Taobao, the service chains also extends to a so different way. Before we busy what we desire, or we sell our goods in our shop, the relationship between the customer with the  shop owners is replaced by Taobao’s platform, usually, we face to face to deal with our process of business. We can figure out the goods qualities, to feel the real products, to know the visible color whether suitable or not? However, we just click our mouse and pay the bill online now. We buy things on website, sign comments under the shop listing, it makes our shopping approach convenient.
I think the success of Taobao is contributed to the explosion information of society, we have Internet, under the global sharing economy, the platform for publishing information become easy. Like Taobao, they collect the small businessman in the same platform, offer them chances, open new markets, in ways are never before possible, to make the dual benefit come true.