The 'Liberation Wrapper', the wrapper that frees japanese womens from cultural restraints

For Japanese women, having “ochobo”—small and modest—mouth, was regarded as cute and attractive. On the other hand, opening up mouth so large in public , like when your eating a big classic burger, was regarded as rude and ugly, woman need to cover their mouth when they have to largely open up it.

For this the Japanese restaurant chain Freshnes Burger and the advertising company Ad Dentsu, create the bewilderingly named “liberation wrapper,” a giant paper burger holder with a smiling mouth printed on it that covers up the eater’s face when she’s chowing down on the burger, eliminating the female customers frustration of not being able to follow their natural desire and eat a big delicious burger.

“Now they can enjoy the big burger, freeing their inner animal instinct,” the company said.

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