The partnership with Centro Medico Santagostino

We are pleased to announce that Centro Medico Santagostino will be partner for the coming 7th edition of the Master in Service Design.
Centro Medico Santagostino is a comprehensive network of specialized clinics, the first in Italy to experiment a model of health care that combines high-quality and affordable prices.
Founded in 2009, Centro Medico Santagostino was created to meet the growing and unmet need of a large part of the population: an affordable, high level specialist medicine, which also covers SSN (National Health Service) uncovered areas⁠—such as dentistry, psychotherapy, speech therapy and others⁠—where the offer is almost exclusively private and expensive.
An equally important goal is also to respond to the relational needs, facilitating the establishment of a good doctor-patient relationship based on listening and trust. That is why they assure adequate visit times to reach good diagnostics and the possibility to choose the specialist to maintain therapeutic continuity.