The People's Supermarket-UK

 The People’s Supermarket Mission Statement:

Our vision is to create a commercially sustainable, social enterprise that achieves its growth and  targets whilst operating within values based on community development and cohesion. Our intent is to offer an alternative food buying network, by connecting an urban community with the local farming community.Vision and Values:

The Supermarket is a sustainable food cooperative that responds to the needs of the local community and provides healthy, local food at reasonable prices. To this end, we believe in a series of key values, which guide our philosophy and management approach. We seek:
– To create a supermarket that meets the needs of its members and the local community by offering high quality, healthy food at reasonable prices.
– To buy from trusted suppliers with whom we develop mutually sustaining relationships.
– To buy British produce where possible, and produce local to London.
– Provide choice and information to our members to help them make healthy decisions.
– To create a community supermarket that highlights the possibilities of consumer power and challenges the status quo.
– To minimise wastage, by creating prepared dishes from food coming up to its sell-by date, and by composting all other waste material.
– To provide inspirational training and life skill opportunities to the local community
– To create a working environment that values every one’s contribution, is welcoming, safe and non-judgmental
– To be a training and development resource for our community.
– To buy sustainable energy and other inputs, and to promote alternative, forward thinking ideas and solutions.
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