The spiritual laws of Service Design

I have always been motivated by self-improvement and humanism as a source of happiness and fulfillment.  Over the years I have read several leading spiritual authors, attended workshops, meditation classes and now actively practice Buddhism. I decided to synthesise my key beliefs into seven laws that give me energy and purpose.Applying a human centered design approach to Service experiences makes me realize that my life philosophy finally fits perfectly with my professional values. To create great service experiences we need to connect with the customer with empathy. If we replace logic with faith we find ourselves thinking innovatively and compassionately. We become less judgmental and more accepting of our environment and take courageous action. Which means we tap our highest potential, constantly striving to improve. Each individual matters.
Law # 1: I take complete responsibility for my life
Our environment is a direct reflection of our thoughts, actions and deeds. Every small cause we create has an equal effect. Every moment, action, thought in a Customer Experience matters. Pay attention to the details and take full responsibility for the success of each experience. Every interaction has impact in its own unique way, and by committed efforts we can achieve continuous improvement.
Law # 2: I will persevere to achieve my desires
Worldly desires are a vehicle for our growth. Chase your dream without judgment to unlock your full potential. Accept the needs and ideas of others (team members and users) with an open and empathetic mind. Strive with enthusiasm to fulfill their needs with faith and courage.
Law # 3: I will make best efforts and be open to outcomes
Embracing uncertainty lowers anxiety, fosters innovation and makes me more flexible, in my present. I can enjoy the process of creation, allowing for collaboration and problem solving, tapping my intuition and emotions, to design better experiences.
Law # 4: I have the potential to overcome any obstacle
Struggles are opportunities for growth and necessary for my evolution. Working with others, co creation with users, are essential levers to the growth of the experience. An iterative approach empowers me to progress.
Law # 5: In a higher life state, I feel more empowered
Persevering towards our dreams elevates our life state, equipping us with better wisdom, courage and compassion. We feel stronger and can take bigger actions towards progress. I tap my ability to proactively and consistently enhance the Service Experience, by pushing for impossible goals with greater awareness and passion.
Law # 6: In harmony with my environment, the universe supports my desires
My empowered self is synchronised with the universe and I have the power to break through all deadlocks. Harmony with others is reflected through open dialogue, effective brainstorming and radical innovation. Starting to truly enjoy the process, quality of output improves.
Law # 7: Happiness through helping others
It’s that simple – this entire evolution brings me to the realization that our growth and fulfilment comes from interacting and spreading happiness to others. Co creation, co design, empathy and collaboration will not only help me create great service experiences, but also feel great!