The successful recipe of the first Gluten-free restaurant in Chile

The “Bar Italia” opened it’s doors four months ago, and people haven’t stopped coming in searching for gluten-free food and drinks. Because of this success, the owners realized the need for new options, like pastry,  delivery and take-out service.
Gonzalo, the owner decided to start this business for a simple reason, last year doctors discovered that his wife has celiac condition. The couple loves go out for drinks and good food, and by having this condition, they couldn’t any more cause they realized that there wasn’t much alternatives with gluten-free kitchens.

Gonzalo inaugurated the “Bar Italia” four months ago, becoming the first restaurant in Chile that offers gourmet dishes and drinks, and that it is completely gluten free. To give an example of the quality offered, the bread, required a month of preparations mix research and testing, based on rice flour, to get to the tasty result.
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